Sewing for Disney

December 16, 2014


My family and I just returned home from an amazing trip to Sunny Florida. It was fun, exciting, gorgeous, overwhelming and exhausting all at the same time. Yep, you guessed it, we visited The Happiest Place on Earth – Where Dreams Really Do Come True: Disney World. 

I thought I would be that mom who wanted her girl in those frilly, fancy princess dresses. And I had planned to make them. To be honest my husband was a little disappointed when I didn't end up making her those organza and chiffon masterpieces. Instead I thought about what a 2 year old would really want to wear all day in an amusement park and I thought about what my 2 year old would love. (and to be honest I thought about my sanity with the "it's itchy, I keep stepping on it and tripping, mommy it's not comfy" cries)

So like any sewing mama would do in my position, I bought every kind of character fabric known to man. I really went overboard. Too many kinds. I wanted my daughter to have an amazing wardrobe fit for a princess for our 10 day vacation. I thought maybe she would get dirty and I would need to change her. I had to have a back up plan. We were in the parks for 5 days. I made her 3 Every Day Princess Dresses and 6 Zinnia Dresses and 1 tee shirt upcycle. 10 dresses in all. You know it was for "marketing". I have to showcase my business when we are out and about, right??!! 

After I thought and planned it all out, I changed my mind, like a million and twelve times. I sought out advice from my sewing sisters. Before I knew it I had 7 days until we were to leave and I hadn't sewn a single thing. Procrastination – the seamstresses daughter always gets the leftover customs. SO I turned into hyper drive. My poor sewing machines. I cranked out all 10 dresses in 2 days. That is the most sewing I have ever done. And my hard working machines got a week at the spa (getting serviced) while I was gone so they could recover. 

My goal was to have comfy, cute, recognizable styles for our trip. I wanted my little girl to stand out, look absolutely adorable and be comfortable. So I turned to 2 of my favorite pattern designers. Made for Mermaids and Lily Giggle. I used the Snow White pattern from Made for Mermaids and adapted it to fit Anna and Tinkerbelle. Of course she needed to look like 2 of her favorites. And then I decided to make good use of all of that character fabric and made 6 Zinnia's from Lily Giggle. Knit bodice with woven skirt. Practical adorability! (yes I just made that up!) And then I took one favorite character tee and upcycled it using the Lily Giggle JuJuBe pattern and added a double skirt. That one ended up being her absolute favorite. 

I finally got it all done and we were on our way. A long 12 hour trip (stops included). We made it and it was time for the fun. I couldn't have been more happier with my choices for her clothes. I know it sounds strange for me to say that. But I always think that it is important for my kids to be comfortable and look cute doing it. It was chillier than we thought so I layered with leggings and tee shirts. She wasn't miss prissy fancypants – but gosh she was adorable. Next time we will go for Fancy Pants – when she is a bit older. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip. 



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