Little Lizard King Pocket Romper

June 11, 2015

Hey y’all!!!  I am so excited to be a part of Little Lizard King‘s Blog Tour, featuring the new pattern, The Pocket Romper! I have a little confession to make. I have never put my baby girl in a bubble romper. I know, BIG intake of air and the thoughts “and you call yourself a boutique seamstress, humphf, not putting your baby in a ruffly bubble romper, what were you thinking??!!” Yes, I know, it is a huge shocker. It was never because they aren’t cute – because oh my word they are!!!!  My girl has never been a “woven” fabric kind of girl. She tolerates it for pictures and maybe for church. It made me so sad to not put her in them when she was a teee tiny baby. Can I blame her? I prefer my comfy yoga pants to just about any other article of clothing on earth. No wonder she loves her princess tees and leggings. She learned from the best!!! But alas, I thought of a compromise. What about a bubble romper in KNIT?!?! Do I hear redemption?! Do I get my boutique seamstress card back?! Woot!!


When sewing, I rarely play by the rules and follow the pattern (no worries, no steps were left unnoticed or out of order for this blog tour). I mix and mash and try new things. So when thinking about how I could add a spin of creativity and comfort for my girl, I thought, “Dang, why not knit??” So I put my thinking cap on and tried to come up with the best way to convert this adorable romper from the crisp and beautiful woven bubble, to a relaxed and casual/comfy knit.

The first thing I did was look up the size chart in the pattern. I got out my handy, dandy, trusty measuring tape and found which size would fit my girl best. She is just now graduating to a 3T in store bought clothes, but she is petite. Her measurements fit the 1 for width and 3 for length. I put my thinking cap on and mulled over what size I should make in knit. With woven there is no give, so normally to account for stretch in the knit you would size down. Since the bubble romper is full I wasn’t sure how much to size down. Well this is where my non-technical brain and just “go with it” personality didn’t mix. I made the bodice the size 2 width with the 3 length and did the size 2 elastic.  The knit I chose didn’t have a huge amount of stretch and I wanted it to be comfy for her, so this was perfect! But, I thought since I wanted that full drape, I would keep with the 3t for the bubble part. I didn’t take into consideration that there is already drape to the knit fabric and I didn’t need all that fluff in the middle to get the look I wanted. So I made the bottom part too wide. **face palm** I could have gone down a size or 2 for a better bubble. But it still turned out precious, see…


So enough about my changes, and lets chat about the pattern for a bit. It is a classic bubble romper, with the most adorable pockets you have ever seen. Those pockets were my girls favorite part. She kept pulling the romper down because she was playing in the pockets so much.

The size range is 0-3m to 3T. There is a mix of pieces as well as a chart for measured pieces. Now my favorite part about the entire pattern is those flutter straps. I want to add those darned things to every single strappy pattern I own. I big, squishy, red heart love those straps. There are also so many ways you can embellish the romper. You can add ruffles to the booty area, add details and trims to the bodice, add poms or other trims to the flutters or even different ruffle applications on the pockets.

OR you can just do a simple romper and showcase an amazing fabric with no details or pockets. So much versatility in one pattern. There is an option for a snap crotch or a sewn crotch. Since my girl is 3 and insists upon doing everything for herself, I did the sewn crotch. She is getting pretty good at dressing herself. “I can do it myself mommy” is something I hear at least twice everyday.

This romper is a pretty quick sew, unless you get caught up in all the details and trims. I am pretty confident you could finish the entire romper start to finish in a little over an hour if you keep the trims to a minimum. So that means you can whip up one for every day of the week, in one day, right??!!! HA! Seriously, who gets 7 hours of straight sewing time? A girl can only dream….

I can’t say enough about how cute this pattern is, and it is the quality we have come to know and love from Little Lizard King Patterns. This will be my go to baby shower gift from here on out. Your welcome family and friends, lol.


Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below and one lucky winner will receive the pattern from Little Lizard King FREE!!! Woot!! If it’s free, it’s for me!! Am I right??!!

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