TSP Goes Under the Sea: Sea Life Concord Mills

April 6, 2015

I can't believe it is April already!!! April, FOR REAL!!! Where has this year gone?? Before I know it I will wake up and it will be summer! I know y'all think I sit at my sewing machine all day long (don't I wish I could sew more than a few hours a day), but I really don't. One of the most important hats I wear is my "mommy" hat. And it is by far my favorite. I am a big time planner, and I like to get a game plan together for what the kids and I will do all summer. I make lists of things and then research them so we are ready for when the time comes. One of the things that made the list this year is the new aquarium at our local mall, Concord Mills. Sea Life is relatively new to our area and it is a perfect afternoon activity.


Now the kids and I have been there before. But it is awful hectic going with a pre-school class. You don't get that special one on one time with the kids because they are too busy running around with all of their friends. So a couple Saturday's ago, my husband and I decided to take the kiddos for a fun family outing. We went when they first opened in the morning around 10am. The mall hadn't come to life yet, we found great parking, beat the traffic and didn't even have to wait in line. It was nice. There were quite a few friendly faces to show us where we needed to go to get tickets and what we needed to do. The way it was organized and the little room we went in before we entered the aquarium reminded me of the waiting areas in Disney for the big rides. We were entertained from the very beginning. 

Devoted Dads at Sea Life

One of my favorite parts of the aquarium is how they integrate involvement. It isn't just about looking at fish in a tank. There is a booklet that walks you through different areas in the aquarium and then a stamping area when you are ready to move on. At the end of your journey, once you have stamped every page, the kids earn a pin. Just a little fun way to get the kids involved.

Stamping at Sea Life

If your littles are anything like mine, (3 and 4 year olds) they LOVE aquariums. My little girl is mermaid obsessed, her favorite movie is The Little Mermaid. Most days she answers to "your highness" and insists she is Ariel, and of course she had to wear her very own TSP Ariel inspired dress (The Hope Dress by My Little Plumbcake).

The Hope Dress My Little Plumbcake 3    The Hope Dress My Little Plumbcake 2  The Hope Dress My Little Plumbcake

My little boy loves anything in the water. He enjoys growling at sharks and is amazed at the movement of the fish. We have been to quite a few aquariums and they were not disappointed in Sea Life

Fish at Sea Life

When I first heard of sea life coming to our mall I was very curious as to how they were going to fit it all in. Overall I feel they have done a superb job of getting so much in the space they had to work with. It took us just about 2 hours to go from start to finish, scrutinizing every single fish and then playing in the play area afterwards. The colors and decor inside is amazing and very sensory stimulating.

  Jelly Fish at Sea Life Aquarium at Sea Life

They have live fish feedings and seminars. There is also an area where the children (and big kids too) can touch the sea life. My little guy didn't really care to touch anything, where as my adventurous baby would have jumped in if we let her. She was so enthralled with the star fish. 

   Discovery at Sea Life Hands on At Sea Life

Both my kiddos give Sea Life at Concord Mills 2 thumbs up! I am sure we will be back quite often! They made new friends from land dwellers like you and me and the interesting creatures under the sea. 



Friends at Sea Life Explore at Sea Life Kids at Sea Life

 Right now they are running a Spring Break Special! Until April 12, 2015 tickets are $12, online only! Any of the blue "Sea Life" links will take you to the site! And if you are a local like me and have little fishies for kids, then the annual pass is the way to go! Here is a link to more information on the annual pass so you can enjoy sea life over and over again! 


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